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Bernadina Lloyd

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Textile Art


Bernadina has sewn since she was three, and works with a broad variety of materials from paint to fabric and silk paper, producing 2–dimensional work such as handmade papers, landscape paintings, collages and rugs, with a strong emphasis on reusing and recycling.


The work employs mixed fibres and textures, combining hand-stitching (both highly detailed and experimental) with machine work (both traditional stitch and machine embroidery) and reflects Bernadina’s determination that traditional skills and techniques should not be lost in today’s high-tech world.




The images above are details from Tuscany, a large wall-hanging using multiple layers of felt, leather, fabrics and stitch, produced as a result of a series of paintings made in Tuscany (125cm x 30cm)



Handmade silk paper holding a hand-knitted cotton shape with machine embroidery, and a detail from one of a series of 21 pieces exploring a sleeves, cuffs and buttons theme, referring to both traditional sewing techniques and perhaps the lives of the individuals who might have worn the garments hinted at by the overall form of the work.



Details from Ditchling, a rug combining reclaimed and felted wool with leather and suede to create a personal map of the artist’s village (180cm x 90cm)



Three collages further extending the sleeves theme, including old linen buttons, beads, hand-made felt buttons, silk paper, old maps and stitch, and (to the right) Sails, using photographs, muslin, string and hand & machine stitch, including drawn-thread work, to evoke the textures and play of light experienced when travelling under sail.