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Personal Commissions


Bernadina works on personal commissions, in which clients supply their own photographs, maps, tickets and other printed ephemera for incorporation into the work to commemorate personal journeys or other memories, from a family holiday to a lifetime.


Bernadina can also create individual cards for seasonal greetings, invitations or other special occasions, which offer a highly original and cost-effective alternative to bespoke printing.




Bernadina has extensive experience of the world of printed textiles, both furniture and apparel, and has successfully sold in the UK and in Sweden, Germany, France, New York and San Francisco.


She particularly enjoys working with colour and proportion, and has produced a number of colourways for various companies including Romo.


Bernadina is available for colour and design consultancy.

Hand-Made Cards


Bernadina has been making highly individual cards for many years, each one being genuinely hand-made by the artist and unique. The examples shown use photographs, old maps, fabric, stitch, buttons, foil, papers and cardboard.


The cards have sold extensively in the UK at shops and galleries including Liberty, the South Bank Centre and Leeds Craft and Design Gallery.



Exhibition Materials


Poster and catalogue designs for recent exhibitions.



Bernadina has illustrated books and created corporate logos.


The example shown reflects recent corporate identity work for a children’s language project, using collage, paint and ink.