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Memory Boxes


On of a series of memory boxes incorporating found objects and materials collected over many years. They offer tantalising suggestions of their history and prompt questions about beauty and ageing.


There are such riches in what has been lost or thrown away, things that other people might regard as rubbish. These items might be small treasured memories talked about or fought over, tangible or subjective, evocative as a photo-album.

Birds with Attitude


Birds made from driftwood from the artist’s collection, amassed over 20 years and combined exactly as found without carving, cutting or sanding



Mathematical Desk Companion, a 3-dimensional doll made of felted raw wool from Ditchling sheep, dressed in fragments of recycled clothing incorporating mathematical motifs and set in a box lined with pages from Brodie’s Companion, Metal Maiden, created from copper wire, sheet and mesh with fabric, felt, beads and stitch, and a delicate linen doll

Snow Queen


One of a series of entries in Ditchling’s biennial scarecrow competition, created from pedal-bin liners and other waste materials.

Bound Stones


Slate fragments bound with vintage linen yarn on driftwood



One of a series of pieces recreating items of clothing using fragments of old maps and printed music